Made from natural curly sheepskin in combination with a hard-wearing Swedish-made fabric of knitted, felted wool. Includes inner bag filled with plastic pellets, providing comfort. The supplied velcro strip enables you to join two or more foot stools or puffs together.

GROOVY Small 65x65cm.
Seat height: ca 25cm.
Art. no 1740005–

GROOVY Medium 85x90cm.
Seat height: ca 25cm.
Art. no 1741005–

GROOVY Large 110x130cm.
Seat height: ca 35cm.
Art. no 1742005–


SHEEPY Sheepskin. Large
Höjd 50cm Art. no 1763201–

SHEEPY Sheepskin. Medium
Höjd 33cm Art. no 1763101–

SHEEPY Sheepskin. Small
Höjd 17cm Art. no 1763001–