At Skandilock we know best how to make ideal use of the qualities that sheepskin possesses and, every day, we are inspired by the infinite possibilities that the material represents. Many of these possibilities will be revealed in our studio on the second floor which is dedicated to creative meetings and the development of both our own ideas and those of our customers.

Sheepskin Projects

At Skandilock we can manufacture and sew unique products in sheepskin for projects within interior architecture and/or for public environments. Sheepskin with its unique combination of leather on the one side and wool on the other opens up a wealth of possibilities. It is beautiful to behold, possesses a wonderful tactile feel and is flexible to work with.

Image: Project for Timothy Goodbold in Bridgehampton. Special sewn rug, 6,5 x 5,5 m, Skandilock Curly 17mm, in the color Moonlight.


In order to make the best use of the materials much of our waste material can be reinvested in the production and then becomes what we refer to as Patchwork. A selection of pieces that are sewn together into an entire skin panel and that can be purchased by meter in a 60 cm wide material. The result will be a wonderful, striking skin with a lively appearance. A mixed Patchwork with several color tones will be extra dramatic while a single colored one will be captivating thanks to an expressive difference in texture. Read more about our qualities and colors.

Qualities & Colors


Sheepskin is fantastically well suited to restoring or renewing furniture, old just as well as new.

The wool means that the furniture’s surface is afforded an even and natural look and the material is sensitive to work with. We cooperate with many upholsterers throughout the entire country. If you have any exciting project on the boil or need any help in recovering a piece of furniture or furnishing, check out our list over upholsterers that we provide with sheepskin.