A carefully selected material

The raw material that forms the basis of our production originates from a Merino Crossbreed from Australia. This type is an animal bred for meat. As a by-product of the meat and wool industry, the processing of sheepskins is a means whereby material that would otherwise be scrapped is taken care of.

By means of a careful selection we have, together with our associates in Australia, developed a product which, in a unique manner, is well suited to furniture upholstery and home furnishing. An Australian sheepskin which, with its special properties, contributes towards achieving a very high level of comfort. This constitutes the flagship among our furnishing skins.

The skin is curly by nature, but the structure of the wool can vary both with regard to curls and color tints. Sheepskin is extremely hardwearing and offers a range of possibilities and areas of application.  Each skin is unique, which makes the material extra interesting to work with. The wool’s ability to absorb moisture leads to reduced friction, among other things. A further advantage is that the wool does not attract dust or dirt to itself, in contrast with synthetic materials. It is easy to keep clean and can be cleaned by hand or by machine.

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