Privacy policy

Processing of Personal data.
Skandilock i Svenljunga AB (556479-9590), in the following (“we” or “us”) is controller
for the personal data that we collect and store. We only process personal data in
accordance with the current personal data legislation to protect your privacy.

What personal data we collect and why?
Visitors on our website
During normal website use we collect standard web server log data. Such data can
normally not be used to identify you personally or reveal any information of a
personal nature. We use these log data to create statistics and measure website
activity in order to improve your user experience.
The function “Find Shop” uses location services to identify your location in order to
present the retailer closes to you. By using the settings on your browser and/or
device you can choose to allow this or not.
Some information can be saved on your device in the form of “cookies”. These are
used to improve the functionality of the website, but also to provide information to the
owner of the website. You can adjust your settings to block the use of cookies.
However, this will mean that we cannot guarantee that the all functions on the
website will perform as expected.
We process the above-mentioned data based on our legitimate interest to maintain,
test and improve our digital tools and services. We never sell your data to third
parties, but might share it with our suppliers for analysis or to improve our website
and the services we provide here. These data are stored for up to 24 months.
If you are a corporate customer to us, we will also store your data in other systems
for performance of a contract, see below.

In contact with us
In contact with us through e-mail, social media or by calling. We might process your
contact information and the information you provide to us in order to manage your
inquiry. This could e.g. mean that we store the e-mail you have sent us. We process
your personal data for our and your legitimate interest to manage your inquiry. This
type of information is normally not shared with any third party unless it is needed to
assist you in the best possible way, e.g. if we need to send goods to you or to refer
you to one of our retailers. We normally delete your data shortly after your inquiry has
been taken care of, unless a longer storage period is needed for other lawful
purposes (e.g. for performance of a contract or is necessary for compliance with
other legal obligations such as the Swedish Bookkeeping Act).

Social media
We use social media to interact with our customers, but is not the controller of the
personal data you choose to share on those platforms. We normally do not collect
any personal data about you from these platforms unless it is required, e.g. to send
you a price you have won in one of our competitions. In these cases, we are in
contact with you as noted above.

Corporate customers and suppliers
Skandilock mainly collects and stores data about the companies with whom we do
business, but for contractual reasons and contact information we will also store
personal data about our relevant contacts at each respective company. The personal
data we process normally only include your contact details and your job title as well
as other information pertaining to your profession. As a corporate representative,
your data might be stored in connection to agreements, orders, order history,
invoices and similar documents. This data is processed based on our legal
obligations by the Swedish Bookkeeping Act. Personal data on orders, invoices,
contracts, etc is therefore stored for up to 8 years, after which it is rendered
anonymous such that only corporate information remain.
We might also use your contact details for marketing purposes. We do this based on
our legitimate interest to communicate with you as a customer or supplier. This data
is normally stored as long as you are customer / supplier to us. We strive to
constantly maintain and update our records. If you resign from you position, your
personal data will be deleted from our records but we might keep the corporate data.
We might share your data with our service providers, e.g. for maintaining our website
and other systems and to e.g. forwarding companies to fulfill our contracts. We might
also share your data for audits and other legal purposes.

How we protect your personal data
We take measures in order to protect your data in accordance with the General Data
Protection Regulation and established information security guidelines. This means
that we have both technical security measures as well as routines and rules
regarding data protection. Recipients who process personal data on behalf of Star
Trading must always enter into what is referred to as a data processor agreement
with us to make it possible for us to ensure that your personal data is handled
correctly and securely.

Your rights
Access to your personal data
You have the right to receive a confirmation of whether we are processing your
personal data and then an extract of which data is being processed.
Request correction
At any time you may ask us to correct or add any personal data you feel is not
Request that data be erased
You may have your personal data deleted from our system. In some cases this might
be refused, e.g. if we need your data to perform a contract or to fulfill our legal
Right to complain with the authorities
You have the right to file a complaint to the regulatory agency in the member state of
the EU/EES where you have your domicile, where you work or where a breach of
data protection regulation is alleged to have occurred. The regulatory agency in
Sweden is Datainspektionen.
Updates to this information
This information might be updated at any time. The latest version will always be
found here.

Contact information
If you have any question about how we process your personal data or if you wish to
exercise some of you rights as described above you are welcome to contact us. Our
contact information is:
Skandilock AB
Kyrkogatan 32
512 50 Svenljunga
Tel. +46 (0)325-661370