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A Family Business

Skandilock is a family business with its roots firmly set in the small community of Svenljunga, Sweden. Our unique manufacturing technology was created by proud craftsmen in the 1930’s and has been constantly refined ever since.  Today Skandilock is one of Europe’s foremost producers of designer-made sheepskin products and we are proud to have been leading the way in sheepskin processing for nearly 30 years.

The Story of our manufacturing actually begins on the other side of the globe – more specifically in Australia and New Zealand. There is where the best sheep breeders in the world are to be found and we are one of the few selected companies given the opportunity to work directly with them. The final production process and quality check takes place at home in Svenljunga which allow us a total control over the end production. This means that we can be very flexible at a time when tailor-made solutions and rapid follow-ups are very much in demand.

Material Focus

Our company has sprung from a strong desire to explore a fantastic material. Sheepskin with its unique combination of leather on the one side and wool on the other opens up a wealth of possibilities. It is beautiful to behold and possesses a wonderful tactile feel. The skin regulates temperature in a natural manner which contributes towards an enhanced well-being as the wool keeps warm in cold weather and has a cooling effect when it is hot. Our knowledge of, and expertise about how best to refine sheepskin, are what makes us one of the leading companies on the market. In order to find the most suitable skins we work with a relatively limited source of raw material. The difference in the wool’s structure, density and thickness means that the skin’s ability to absorb dye varies within the same color batch. It is these qualities that enable us to achieve a unique product where each skin is characterized by its own very specific features.

Sheepskin is a natural material of high quality. Look after it well and the skin will keep itself fresh for many years. Read more about how best to care for your sheepskin product under Care Instructions.

“We shall never enrich our home environment at the cost of animals’ and humans’ health or the earth’s resources.”

We work consistently at imposing the highest possible requirements on our suppliers and business associates. The animal stock which constitutes the raw material in our products is raised and treated in accordance with our specifications and the sheep farms with which we have the privilege of working with are among the best in the world. They possess enormous experience stretching back over several generations in time and, thanks to that, have preserved the animals’ traditional way of life. This makes it possible for us to offer you a unique product of the highest quality and, at the same time, ensure the animals’ wellbeing. It is important for us that we do not talk about ethics and the environment without acting accordingly. Read more about our practical work surrounding animal husbandry and sustainability matters under Sustainability.