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As far back as the 1950s our graphite color was developed here in Svenljunga. This process forms the basis for the production of our curly sheepskin which is so successfully suited to furniture upholstery. As a manufacturer you can buy skins, materials or ready-made covers for furniture from us. Close cooperation with your design or product development department ensures that we can produce a design which meets your requirements and, at the same time, achieve a high-quality result.

Our craftmanship

The production process is based on a unique manufacturing technology. This is where our craftsmanship knits with the most modern and environmentally friendly compounds in order to preserve the sheepskin’s natural properties. No two sheepskins are ever exactly the same. That is why each individual sheepskin is examined very carefully in our sorting process before the processing commences. Each skin is then treated manually in order to ensure the density and texture of the wool – and is cut by hand in accordance with your desire.

We upholster the classics

We have supplied sheepskins for furniture classics for nearly three decades. We do not compromise on quality but produce with the aim of long-term durability. We can meet most requirements both flexibly and rapidly together with our highly qualified personnel. Our sheepskins are specially produced in order to satisfy the furniture industry’s high standards of lifespan, design and function.

It is no coincidence that several of Scandinavia’s leading brands within the furniture industry select Skandilock’s sheepskins in order to liberate the inherent beauty of their products.

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