Animal Farming

We only ever make use of animals which are bred to supply us with meat and, in certain cases, wool. The refining of sheepskin is something that we regard as taking care of material which would otherwise need to be thrown away. Our raw material comprises, for the most part, a Merino-Crossbred sheep from Australia. As a producer of skin products we are dependent upon a high quality raw material. For us it equates with the animals’ comfort and well-being. In order to be able to follow up that a morally sound and ethical correct way of raising sheep is being maintained, we make regular visits to our colleagues in Australia. Skandilock conducts random checks and works in close contact with our suppliers. We require our suppliers to maintain the following:

1. The sheep shall always have good access to food and water. They shall be kept in an environment that is natural for them. They shall have constant supervision and be otherwise cared for so that the animals’ health is promoted and whereby they avoid unnecessary suffering.

2. Skandilock does not allow any breeder to make use of mulesing.

3. Skandilock does not permit animals to be transported by boat.

4. When slaughtering only humane and regulated methods may be employed.

Social Responsability

Skandilock works with two operators in China where we prepare, dye and manufacture sheepskin and sheepskin products. We have been a part of these unit’s production for more than ten years. In order for the tanneries to be able to satisfy our high requirements of quality and durability as well as security for the employees, a high presence and carefulness is required on our part.

We regularly audit the companies. This is being done in cooperation with Intertek an international independent organization. Criteria such as Labor, Wages & Hours, Health & Safety, Management Systems and Environment are examined and assessed. In this way the constant improvement work is a fact and, together, we are able to work towards common goals. Our latest audit was conducted in October 2016 and the next one is set for 2021.

Sustainable Production

Our production shall be characterized by a comprehensive view of our products’ life cycle.  We shall always use materials and processes that have as little impact on our environment as possible. We work in consultation with the organization Kemikaliegruppen, SWEREA IVF, which is a knowledge based platform and a forum for discussion surrounding the use of chemicals in the production of textiles. As a member company we take part in the strategies and tools used for improving the environmental work within our own production. It also affords us the opportunity to communicate relevant legal requirements governing the use of chemicals to our suppliers as well as set up targets for steadily minimizing our environmental impact.